Demag KBK Aluline Cranes

  • Extremely smooth travel
  • Fast and simple installation and conversion
  • Load capacity up to 2000Kg
  • Ergonomic load handling for even heavy loads
  • Low noise levels
  • Virtually maintenance-free system
  • Six different aluminium profile sections in four sizes
  • Integrated conductor line for two profile sizes


  • The NEW KBK Aluline Light Crane System is one of the smoothese-running systems on the market.  It allows operating sequences that are more ergonomic and convenient than ever before and will deal with loads weighing up to 2,000Kg.

    Optimum Ergonomics - The KBK Aluline crane has a convenient and ergonomic push-travel operation and provides optimum support for fatigue-free operation.  There is a reduced physical burden on employees, leading to lower absenteeism due to illness or injury.  It offers an optimum workplace design due to the comprehensive range of chain hoists and load handling attachments available.

    Cost-effective - The KBK Aluline Crane System offers maximum value and efficiency throughout the product service life, is it compatible with existing KBK aluline systems and can provide smart combinations with steel profule sections for even larger distances between suspensions.  The overhead maaterials handling (linear and area-serving) means that workshops can gain valuable floor space.

    Maximum flexibility - The modular system design provides options for a wide range of applications from push-travel to electric systems or pneumatic operation to fully automated systems.  The new components can be integrated or existing units replaced with ease at any time.  The combination of aluminium and steel profile sections is possible in one installation.

    Valuable cost savings - The fast and simple installation and conversion and the ability for greater distances between suspensions and joints saves on additional steelwork and more cost-effective building design.

    Technical Data

    Suspension distances [m]
    Profile section/load capacity [kg] 100 150 250 500 750 1,000 1,250 1,600 2,000
     A12  4.7  3.8 3.0  2.1 1.5 1.1      
     A16 7.1  5.8 4.5  3.2  2.4 1.8 1.5 1.1  
     A18  8.0  8.0  6.5 4.6  3.8 3.2 2.8 2.2 1.8
     A22  8.0  8.0  8.0 6.0 5.0  4.3  3.8 3.0  2.4

    Outline designs can be formulated online using the DEMAG Designer, click here.  

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