EKDMR Rope Hoist with Contactor Control 3200Kg

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  • Delivery within 5 -7 working days
  • Fits to any type of crane
  • Suitable for use as either solo hoists or incorporated for use on existing or new overhead travelling cranes
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  • Electric under slungf travelling hoist units suitable for use as either solo hoists* or incorporated for use on existing or new* Overhead Travelling Cranes.


    • All Hoists 10m HOL
    • All Hoists 4.0/0.7m/min Hoisting Speed (two speeds)
    • All Hoists 25/6.3m/min Cross Travel (two speeds)
    • Contactor Control (48v as standard, other voltages possible)

    Technical Specification
    1    Demag EK low-headroom monorail hoist-DMR
    Hoist unit technical data
    Load capacity    3,2 t
    Model    C
    FEM/ISO group    2m / M5
    Hook path    10 m
    Load hook    Single load hook no. 1,6 to DIN 15400
    Drum length    H20
    Reeving    4/1
    Rope diameter    7 mm
    Mounting position    D
    Rope lead-off    2
    Terminal box position    1
    Lifting speed    0,7 / 4 m/min
    Hoist motor    ZBV 112 A 12/2
    Brake    BD 015
    Rated output    0,36 kW / 2,25 kW
    Duty factor    20 / 40 %CDF
    Hoist unit enclosure    IP55
    Insulation class    F
    Gearbox    i = 101,71

    Cross-travel unit technical data
    Flange width    300 mm

    Cross-travel speed    6,3 / 25 m/min
    Cross-travel motor    1 x ZBT 80 A 8/2
    Brake    BD 001
    Rated output    0,06 kW / 0,25 kW
    Duty factor    20 / 40 % CDF
    Cross-travel motor enclosure    IP55

    Operating conditions
    Environment    Operation indoors
    Ambient temperature    -10 °C / +45 °C
    Electric data
    Line voltage    400 V
    Line frequency    50 Hz
    Design    CE
    Control voltage    48 V
    Line type    3-phase alternating current
    Weight    approx. 303 kg
    Surface protection and paint finish
    Hoist unit colour    RAL 5009 azure blue
    Travel unit colour    RAL 5009 azure blue

    A high-quality powder-coated finish on the housing parts of the rope hoist provide for very good corrosion protection.

    Standard equipment
    Hoist unit
     The continuously monitored brake offers a high level of safety.
    Hoist drive
    The gearbox features efficient oil lubrication for up to 10 years and requires 30% less oil. The hoist drive has a longer service life due to the coupling installed between the gearbox and motor, which cushions motor impacts.
    Precise cut-off by electro-mechanical overload protection (MOD) fitted as standard if an overload occurs. Reliable cut-off of the lifting and lowering motions by the geared limit switch with four contacts.
    Rope reeving components
    Larger rope sheaves minimise rope wear and, therefore, extend the rope’s service life. Rope guide made of tough, acid-resistant plastic protects the rope and drum.
    The bottom block has two handle recesses to guide the bottom block and a two-piece hand guard made of moving plastic elements. It offers a high level of safety for operators and can be replaced without the need to remove the rope.

    Design / type
    Cross-travel unit
    Smooth travel characteristics are ensured by high-strength travel wheels and guide rollers for a long service life. The trolley has an integrated drop-stop arrangement.
    Light-weight trolley with pressure roller.

    Electric equipment
    The hoist electric equipment is based on a conventional contactor control system, which offers highly reliable operation. The control system has a programmable control unit as standard.
    The hoist is designed for crane operation.
    The electric enclosure is assembled at the trolley side.
    Without operating control

    - Demag DualDrive
    - Emergency limit switch for lifting and lowering motions
    - Integrated load evaluation

     - EU documents according to EC Machinery Directive


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