Aisle-Master Very Narrow Aisle Articulated Forklift

  • Aisles widths of just 1.75m
  • Lift heights of up to 15m
  • Impressive lift capacities of up to 2.5T
  • AC Electric or LPG Power


  • The Aisle-Master is an articulated forklift truck designed to work in very narrow aisles.  The articulated desing enables the operator to drive to the centre of the pallet, turn the steering and mast through 90 degrees and drive directly towards the pallet.  

    It has both electric or LPG power capabilities with 1.5T, 2T and 2.5T capacities.  

    The Aislemaster offers :

    • Easy operation - the articulated design makes manuoeuvrability much easier and reduces driver fatigue.
    • Low maintenance - the super elastic tyres and hyrdostatic drive make light work of loading and offloading in a variety of terrains, both indoors and out 
    • Superior safety and comfort - all the fundamental aspects of the Aisle-Master's design from the overhead guard for enhanced driver protection, the ergonomics of the controls down to the high quality seating, guarantee the highest level of operator safety and comfort.  


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