Brand New Heli Forklift Trucks

Heyn Forktruck Solutions represents Heli fork trucks in Northern Ireland.  Heli Forklifts are reliable, great value and hardworking and the range includes pallet trucks, stacker trucks, narrow aisle forklifts (VNA), order pickers and electric, diesel and LPG counterbalances trucks.    

The right fork lift for your business depends entirely on its application.  Our team can help you choose the correct forklift truck to suit your application, budget and requirements.  Our team will come out to your premises to discuss your needs and perform a site survey to make sure you get the right truck based on the space available, any requirements of the forktruck and the environment in which it will be operating.  For example, we offer trucks suitable for confined indoor spaces as well as large yard trucks for using externally and for larger warehouses.  We can also offer forklifts capable of working in very low temperatures such as cold stores for the food industry. 

The range of trucks available from Heli is significant and each model has a number of different mast, battery and charger options as well as various capacities and lift heights.  This degree of flexibility allows our team to tailor your truck to your exact requirements. 

Pallet Truck

Hand pallet trucks, sometimes known as pump trucks, are used in a warehouse environmental to manually move pallets over short distances.  They offer a convenient, low cost solution to move pallets internally or over level ground outside.  Standard pallet trucks have two fork lengths; Euro or Standard Size and can lift loads up to 2500Kg.

Electric Pallet Truck

These trucks are available in stand-on pallet truck or sit-on pallet truck models and are similar to the hand pallet truck however provide less strain on the operator due to the electric motor powering lift and travel.  Available as a walk behind pallet truck or stand on pallet truck and capacities range from 1500Kg to 2000Kg as standard.

Counterbalance Forklift

The counterbalance truck has a counterweight within the rear of the truck allowing the lifting of heavy loads using the forks at the front.  These trucks are the type that most people think of when they hear the term ‘fork lift.’  Counterbalance trucks are found in three drive types, Electric forklift, Diesel forklift and Gas forklift.  They normally have either three or four wheels and can be rear-wheel drive.  Our Heli Counterbalance trucks have capacities ranging from 1500Kg to 10,000Kg and a wide range of mast options, battery and charger options and lift heights are available. 

Reach Truck

Reach trucks, also known as narrow aisle trucks are usually operated inside warehouses for moving down narrow spaces where counterbalance trucks cannot work.  Reach trucks are known as warehouse specialist trucks due to their slimline frame and ability to reach to higher heights.  The Heli G Series Reach Truck comes in a 1600Kg or 2000Kg with a lift height from 2900mm to 8500mm. 

Order Picker

Again, this truck is normally used in warehouse operations.  Individual items are picked by the operator and placed on a pallet on the forks in preparation to be sent out.

Tow Tractor

Similar to order pickers, we are used to pick individual items by the operator however they can pull roll cages or trailers to carry the goods and therefore do not have forks to support pallets.

VNA Truck

VNA trucks, also known as Very Narrow Aisle Trucks are specialist warehouse trucks that are designed to travel forwards and backwards in very narrow aisles without the need to turn in the racking aisle.  Increased lift heights enable narrower aisles and higher racking through increased lift heights.  Heli’s Narrow Aisle Trucks range from capacities of 1200Kg to 1600Kg in both standard stacker forktrucks and straddle stacker forklifts.    


All Brand New Heli Fork Lift Trucks come with a class-leading 3 year warranty on each and every truck sold including parts.* Ask our staff for further details on the extensive warranty available. 

To discuss your requirements with a member of the Forklift Solutions team, you can call us on +44 (0)28 9074 1000, email or complete the Contact Form and a member of our team will come back to you to discuss your requirements.   

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