Advice for Forklift Operators

    Forklift 17/08/2018
    It is the duty of every forklift operator under law to operate your truck with care and to take reasonable care for himself and any other person who may be affected by his actions. 

     All operations should be carried out in a safe manner and with due regard to other workers including pedestrians.

    To assess each situation, simply answer the following question.
    1. Can the task be carried out safely?
    2. Are you qualified to carry out the task?
    3. Is the truck suitable for the load, the task and the operating area?
    4. Have you carried out inspection and maintenance checks highlighted by your employer and the manufacturer/supplier?
    5. Is the truck in a safe and usable condition?
    6. Are you feeling in good health and free from the effects of drugs/alcohol?
    If the answer to any of the above is no, contact your shift supervisor and do not start working. 
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