Demag Solutions for Material Flow and Logistics : Focus on Cranes

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    Wherever a large, awkward or heavy load has to be handled a suitable crane system must be used.  When used together with corresponding load handling attachments, process and universal cranes can serve virtually any point within their given working area for handling and storing tasks, for assembly applications or for interlinking fully automated production processes.

    Process Cranes

    Process cranes are designed to meet the needs of your production process.  Process cranes are normally comprised of either overhead, suspension or stacker cranes depending on what the production requirement is.
    They are designed and built to specific requirements and in this way, ensure the highest efficiency, availability and safety for your installations. 

    Demag offer cost-effective solutions for key industries with six focal applications:
    • Paper industryProcess-Cranes-For-Paper
    • Process interlinking
    • Bulk material and recycling
    • Aviation industry
    • Steel production
    • Steel handling

    Semi-automated operating sequences with destination positioning offer increased speed and high levels of safety.  Fully automated processes provide maximum handling rates and high levels of safety and reliability. 

    Universal Cranes

    Demag Universal Cranes offer high levels of quality, efficiency and reliability.  The Demag V-Type crane revolutionises load handling.  Its innovative design featuring tapered diaphragm joints reduces oscillation frequency by 30%, cuts it weight by an average of 17% and doubles its service life to as many as 500,000 changes of load. 
    • demag-vtype-crane-northern-ireland.jpgSingle and double-girder overhead travelling cranes: load capacities up to 100t
    • Suspension cranes up to 8t
    • Wall-mounted travelling cranes up to 6.3t

    Crane Sets are packages of components tailored to meet specific customer requirement and are completed to form overhead travelling and suspension cranes using locally sourced steelwork. 

    Benefits of crane sets
    • Rapid availability and low transport cost
    • User-friendly assembly
    • For single and double crab operation

    Modular Cranes

    The KBK light crane system has always offered countless possibilities for handling loads quickly, safely and efficiently at production level.  However this modular system can be combined to create individual system crane, suspension monorail, pillar and wall-mounted slewing jib crane, portal and stacker crane solutions. 

    KBK-Aluline-40585-56.jpgChoose from profile sections made of steel or aluminium, and installations can be tailored to meet specific requirements from equipment for individual workplaces to complex area-serving material flow solutions. 
    KBK Modular Cranes always offer smooth travel and minimum operating forces.
    • Suspension Monorails: Load capacities of up to 3,200kg.  Ideal for linear handling requirements and perfectly match the material flow.  
    • Single and Double Girder Cranes: Load capacities of up to 3,200kg.  This is the most comprehensive modular system on the market.  It is simple and efficient for overhead materials handling and can be altered and extended easily as requirements change.
    • Slewing Cranes and Jibs: First choice for fast, safe and reliable load handling at the workplace.  They offer a wide range of load capcities, slewing ranges and outreach dimensions as shown below:
    • Pillar-Mounted Slewing Jib Cranes: Load capacities of up to 10,000kg.  Slewing range of 270° to n x 360° and jib lengths of up to 12m. 
    • Wall-Mounted Slewing Jib Cranes: Load capacities up to 10,000kg.  Slewing range of 180° or 270° and jib lengths of up to 12m. 
    • KBK Stacker Cranes: Load capacities of up to 500kg.  These are for simple storage, order-picking and sorting of unit loads, containers and pallets.  Excellent handling of loads using forks, prongs or grippers that are designed to match customer requirements.
    • Portal Cranes: Load capacities of up to 3,200Kg.  These cranes make it possible to handle loads at changing locations as they can be assembled and dismantled with ease and can be adapted to load capacity and travel path requirements thanks to the variable distance between their legs. 

    LEEA Full Member LogoHeyn Engineering are full members of LEEA and have vast experience with installing, maintaining, servicing and repairing a wide variety of cranes.  Our Sales Engineers are available to come to your premises, assess your requirements and provide a recommendation of what type of crane would provide the best efficiency for your business and applications.  We have one of the largest teams of crane engineers in Ireland and all men are highly trained to LEEA standards.  They have experience across a broad range of manufacturers and equipment and you can be guaranteed of the best service possible.  See what some of our customers have to say HERE.    

    To get in touch today please click here  or call us on +44 (0)28 9035 0022. 

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