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  • Heyn Engineering visits Vertikal Days 2021

    Heyn Engineering News 23/08/2021

    Heyn Engineering will be on stand MP32 at this years Vertikal Days on 22nd & 23rd September

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  • Threading a Needle Heyn Rigging Style...

    Heyn Engineering News 24/05/2021

    Heyn Rigging team attach a closed socket for the MAERSK Maker in Cork

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  • Stop Log Moving - Rivers Agency

    Heyn Engineering News 19/05/2021

    Heyn Engineering move Stop Log at Portna

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  • Keep Fall and Protection Equipment Covid-19 compliant and operational

    Heyn Engineering News 19/08/2020

    It is important to remember that all the equipment being used is cleaned, disinfected and maintained regularly to insure any potential risk of the Covid-19 infection is reduced and kept to a minimum.

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  • HSE Guidance - No Grace Period for LOLER Testing

    Heyn Engineering News 01/04/2020

    LEEA (Lifting Equipment Engineers Association) has provided us with an update regarding the importance of LOLER examinations during the current COVID-19 crisis. They have advised that there is no gra

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  • COVID-19 Business Update

    Heyn Engineering News 19/03/2020

    We would like to reassure our customers that we are mointoring and following the guidelines set out by the government and Public Health Northern Ireland regarding the Coronavirus outbr

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  • Heyn Engineering attending Vertikal Days 2020

    Heyn Engineering News 11/03/2020

    Attending Europes Largest Lifting Equipment Event for 2020

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  • verope Special Wire Ropes in Northern Ireland

    Heyn Engineering News 04/10/2019

    Heyn Engineering now working in partnership with verope to provide high quality special crane wire ropes to Northern Ireland and Ireland.

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  • Heyn's Warehouse Safety Tips

    Heyn Engineering News 13/08/2019

    Our guide to increasing safety in your warehouse. There are a wide variety of potential hazards in the warehouse including vehicles, heavy equipment, wet floords and more.

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  • Crane Install in Tara Mines

    Heyn Engineering News 18/07/2019

    Our Sales Engineer went 500m underground to plan for the installation of a new crane system in Tara Mines earlier this year and a temporary crane has been installed.

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  • The New Tractel Tracpode Confined Space Tripod - Now 150kg

    Heyn Engineering News 17/05/2019

    The new Tracpode from Tractel is the only tripod on the market to have been approved for use in safeguarding two users each weighing up to 150kg.

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  • Working at Height, Assessing Risks and Safety Checks

    Heyn Engineering News 25/03/2019

    Top Tips for assessing Risks and Safety while Working at Height.

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  • Heyn Engineering takes delivery of a large stock of pillar jib cranes

    Heyn Engineering News 26/07/2018

    Heyn Engineering have recently taken ownership of 90 used cranes in great condition. Available to view at our premises and purchase right away.

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  • Demag Solutions for Material Flow and Logistics : Focus on Cranes

    Heyn Engineering News 13/04/2018

    Wherever a large, awkward or heavy load has to be handled a suitable crane system must be used.  Heyn Engineering offer a wide range of crane systems to suit a wide variety of applications.

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  • Heyn Engineering providing NI Water with Exemplary Service

    Heyn Engineering News 13/03/2018

    The judges who shortlisted the applicants for the award recognised the work and effort put in by Heyn Engineering employees and management in order to ensure the contract runs smoothly and efficiently

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  • Heyn Engineering - Finalists for GO Best Service Award 2018

    Heyn Engineering News 28/02/2018

    Heyn Engineering (NI) Ltd have been named as finalists for the Best Service Award at the GO Awards 2018.

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  • RV Corsytes at the Northern Ireland Science Festival 2018

    Heyn Engineering News 12/02/2018

    The AFBI Research Vessell Corsytes, operated by Heyn Engineering, is taking part in the Northern Ireland Science Festival 2018.

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  • Webbing Slings versus Round Slings…what are the differences?

    Heyn Engineering News 06/11/2017

    When working in potentially dangerous conditions it is vital that you know use the most appropriate lifting equipment to minimise the risk to people, goods and the surroundings. We know that it can b

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  • The 150Kg PPE Range Available Now at Heyn

    Heyn Engineering News 07/09/2017

    Tractel have recognised the requirements for higher capacity PPE and have introduced a High Capacity Range which can withstand weights of 150Kg. The range includes anchor points, fall arresters and h

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  • Heyn Engineering Awarded £3.25 million Water Improvement Contract by NI Water

    Heyn Engineering News 05/06/2017

    Heyn Engineering has been awarded a new £3.25 million contract to supply and maintain essential safety and maintenance equipment for NI Water

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  • Process Cranes from Demag

    Heyn Engineering News 30/05/2017

    Demag offer a range of process cranes which provide optimised solutions for specific applications.

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  • Heyn Engineering repairing the Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge

    Heyn Engineering News 25/05/2017

    The Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge is set to re-open today after Heyn Engineer, John, attended the scene with Structural Engineers to help assess the damage and repair the bridge for visitors to the world

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  • Heyn Engineering, working strategically with NI Water

    Heyn Engineering News 20/02/2017

    Heyn Engineering will start the New Year as a strategic partner of NI Water after being awarded the Lifting and Fall Arrest Equipment Contract. The contract will commence on 16th January 2017 and wil

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  • Demag Slewing Jib Cranes

    Heyn Engineering News 13/09/2016

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  • Demag Overhead Cranes in Ireland

    Heyn Engineering News 31/08/2016

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  • Demag V Type Crane

    Heyn Engineering News 19/07/2016

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  • Boat Hoist Testing for Marinas in Northern Ireland

    Heyn Engineering News 17/06/2016

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  • Heyn Engineering : Restoring the HMS Caroline

    Heyn Engineering News 02/06/2016

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  • Big Moves for The Northern Whig in Belfast

    Heyn Engineering News 08/04/2016

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  • EN Standards for Tractel Height Safety Equipment

    Heyn Engineering News 06/04/2016

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  • Identifying the Lifespan of your Tractel Height Safety Equipment

    Heyn Engineering News 09/02/2016

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  • The RV Corystes to take part in the NI Science Festival 2016

    Heyn Engineering News 03/02/2016

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  • Quality Braided Slings Now In Stock

    Heyn Engineering News 13/01/2016

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  • RV Corystes Available For Ship Chartering Opportunities

    Heyn Engineering News 03/12/2015

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  • Distributing Street Crane Spares in Ireland

    Heyn Engineering News 16/11/2015

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  • Height Safety Harnesses – how to choose the correct one and fit it safely

    Heyn Engineering News 28/10/2015

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  • Height Safety Equipment from Heyn Engineering

    Heyn Engineering News 16/10/2015

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  • The New Demag DMR Rope Hoist

    Heyn Engineering News 11/10/2015

    The New Demag DMR Rope Hoist

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  • Artist-At-Sea : On board the RV Corystes

    Heyn Engineering News 07/10/2015

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  • Demag Crane Install in Terex, Dungannon

    Heyn Engineering News 02/10/2015

    Heyn Engineering Solutions recently completed an install of four Demag Overhead Cranes at a Terex site in Northern Ireland.

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  • Heyn Engineer to join Tall Ships Crew

    Heyn Engineering News 16/09/2015

    Caleb Clements, one of Heyn’s team...

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