Heyn Forktruck's Guide to Pallet Trucks

    Group|Forklift 15/05/2019
    A hand pallet truck is a simplistic version of a forklift, it has a lever which raises the jack in order to evenly place the pallet on the forks of the truck, once the pallet is settled on the forks the truck can then be easily moved around by dragging it via the lever. Hand Pallet Trucks are a substantially cheaper option than a Forklift and take up less space while performing the majority of work a forklift can do, they also have less risk for workplace injuries than a forklift and do not require a special operating license. Economy and efficiency are essential when it comes to maximising the productivity of factory operations, hand pallet trucks are designed to efficiently transport goods in warehouses and factories therefore increasing the economy and efficiency of your operations if you have one in your premises. Certain models of hand pallet trucks even include built-in weighing scales which allow the operator to weigh the goods which are placed on it.

    PPT-Lined-Up.jpgPowered Pallet trucks are motorized versions of manual hand pallet trucks and allow for the motorized lifting and transportation of heavy goods and stacked pallets. Differing to its manual version with the integration of powerful transport functions such as hydraulic or motorized lifts and variable speed controls to ensure safe operation they are ideal for small to medium warehouses, factories and plants. 

    There are many factors that can influence your decision on whether to purchase a manual hand pallet truck or an electric powered pallet truck, each come with their own benefits. Hand pallet trucks are cheaper to purchase and service, require no charging and are long lasting. However hand pallet trucks also require a lot more effort from their operators and therefore may not be as efficient in moving and transporting loads. While powered pallet trucks come at a higher cost they allow pallets to be moved quickly with less effort and less risk of injury to the operator than a manual pallet truck therefore in the long term they may be a better investment. 

    Choosing whether a manual or powered pallet truck is right for you all depends on your individual needs but you can start by asking yourself these questions:

    How big is your building?
    If your warehouse is larger it will mean longer travelling distances therefore an Electric Powered Pallet Truck might be best in this case so your employees can work quicker and not use up all their energy doing everything manually. Stand-On electric pallet trucks are ideal in medium sized warehouses where a forklift may be too large and a powered pallet truck insufficient as it provides comfort to the operator when transporting goods longer distances.

    What are the Floor conditions like?
    Hand pallet trucks work well on smooth and flat surfaces, however if there are any ramps or slopes in your warehouse a hand pallet truck may cause too much strain for your operators. Strain could mean pain for your operators and a possible increase in absence levels therefore if your floor isn’t smooth and flat a powered pallet truck may be the better option.

    Load Size?
    Load size also influences which model of pallet truck is right for you, if your load is tall a Powered Pallet truck may be a safer option as tall loads can cause hand pallet trucks to become unstable.

    Operator’s strength and skill?
    Hand pallet trucks require more physical effort to use therefore the physical characteristics of your operators and the level of support they need should be considered when deciding whether to go electric or manual.

    The manual hand pallet truck and powered pallet truck both increase warehouse productivity in a hassle-free and cost-efficient manner making them great investments and additions to any warehouse. Both the Manual and Powered models are suitable for use in tight spaces and are durable enough for everyday use. Available in a selection of fork lengths and truck widths there are countless pallet truck models and options so you can find the pallet truck that is right for you taking into consideration building size, floor conditions, load size and operator strength and skill.
    If you need any further advice on whether a pallet truck is right for you feel free to contact a member of our dedicated team to discuss your requirements on 028 9074 1000 or by emailing forklift@heyn.co.uk

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