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    Group|Engineering 19/05/2021
    The water level on the River Bann is controlled by the Rivers Agency Gates located in five locations along the 40 mile long river.  These locations include Toome, Portna, Movanagher, Carnroe and Castleroe. 

    As part of the NI Water Supply, Install, Repair, Maintenance and Certification of Lifting Equipment Contract, Heyn Engineering carry out essential inspections on the Rivers Agency water gates.  After the inspection at Portna, near Kilrea, the gates required water stop logs to be installed to control the water level and flow of the River Bann.
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    This essential maintenance required a team of three staff, two forklift trucks and a road closure.  Throughout the project the team worked quickly, skilfully to guide the water log stops into position.  A number of factors had to be taken in to consideration for this project including:
    •    The weather
    •    flow of the river 
    •    logistics for movement of the water stop logs, 
    •    Safety of the maintenance team

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    Robert Bleakly, Heyn Lifting Equipment & Testing Manager “When these type of repairs need to be completed it is paramount that safety is at the forefront of the project and that everyone is well briefed and understands the full agenda for the day – who is doing what task, what their task is and when its happening.  Carrying out repairs of any nature requires safety but when there is a number of operations happening at once and the additional factor of fast flowing water in the mix there is no room for error!  The Heyn Engineering Team are well used to these repairs and the job was completed safely and to specification.”

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