Threading a Needle Heyn Rigging Style...

    Group|Engineering 24/05/2021
    We received an email from MAERSK about attaching a closed socket to a wire rope on the MAERSK Maker, a deep Water anchor handling tug supply vessel.  The vessel was going to be docking in Ringasaddy, Cork for three days so they wanted the work to be carried out while docked with no loss to the vessel sailing schedule.  The clock was ticking to have all the supplies, equipment and team ready to complete the repair.
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    The Heyn Rigging team of three travelled to Cork to complete the attachment of a closed socket to 90mm wire rope whilst docked.  The crew had the wire rope cut to size ready for the 90mm CRNI 530 Socket to be attached which they had picked up in Aberdeen.  Heyn had a socket on standby as a contingency.
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    As the ship had limited docking time it was critical the Heyn team arrived as the shipped docked to allow them the time needed to attach the socket so the vessel was fully operational by their scheduled sailing time.  Once at the dock the team’s equipment was craned on to the ship.  The team would not only be responsible for the attachment of the socket but also testing and certifying the socket was up to the legal loading code requirements.

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    Before attaching the socket the huge rope had to be prepared.  The new closed socket threaded on to the 90mm wire rope.  The end of the rope was then prepared for the closed socket to be re-attached.  Approximately 100mm down the rope it is prepared for the closed socket to be secured to. This is where specialist wire rope is neatly woven/bound around the rope horizontally for an anchor point in which socket to be attached to.  Each of the wire strands making up the 90mm rope had to be separated and trimmed.  The closed socket was then put in to position using a specialist wire rope vice and camp.  Resin was then poured in to add strength and durability and of course secure the closed socket in place.  The resin used for this specific job would take approximately 12 hours to set.  Once set, the rope is examined by our certified technicians. 
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    The MERSK Maker is state-of-the-art vessel is built for deep water anchor handling and oilfield operations with reliability, safety and minimized environmental footprint as a top priority. Powered by five medium speed engines with total output of more than 23,000 horsepower, a fuel efficient and flexible hybrid propulsion system and fixed pitch on all side thrusters, the vessel provides good fuel economy, low emissions and excellent station keeping capabilities (ERN 4 x 99).  Also designed for high safe deck operations, the vessel is equipped with a multi deck handler system, anchor recovery frame, gypsy handling system and other aids.

    Kevin Denvir, Engineering Director, commented “Heyn’s long operating history is steeped in the Shipping Industry.  We carry out numerous shipping repairs, maintenance and specialists projects each year.  Our team of highly qualified engineers thrive on the challenge some of these shipping jobs have including time restraints, carrying out the repairs on board the vessel, weather conditions, having the right parts for the job in the timescale and right equipment and tools on board to complete the job, not decommissioning the boat any longer than necessary and of course producing first class work every time.
    We have been the exclusive verope specialist distributor for just over two years now.  The verope product is outstanding for customers in terms of quality and cost.  Our specially trained verope technicians can repair almost any rope to as good as new at a fraction of the cost.  It’s always a great pleasure to be asked to complete a project that is a little out of the ‘norm’ for us it really demonstrates our skill range and ability to tackle any job.  The Rigging team completed the job on time to an extremely high standard and a very happy customer - well done guys super job!”


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