Is the future of materials handling electric forklift trucks?

    Group|Forklift 10/05/2022
    Recently companies are facing significant costs increases across raw materials, transport and energy in particular.  This has prompted many to review their operations and look for potential cost savings. 
    The future of materials handling seems to be going electric.

    Some key reasons to make the swtich from diesel/LPG to electric
    1. Reduced fuel costs  - Fuel for diesel and LPG is expensive, recharging batteries costs far less than fossil fuels and is particularly effective if you recharge overnight when on more favourable tariffs.  
    2. Easier to maintain - Electric forklifts have fewer moving and wearable parts, this reduces repair time and therefore overall downtime is reduced.
    3. Reduced noise levels - The noise of electric trucks is significatly less than diesel trucks.  This will avoid any noise complaints from nearby homes and could even facilitate extended operating hours to boost warehouse output potential.  Less noise also improves operator safety.
    4. Cleaner work environment - Electric forklift trucks help to create a cleaner, safer environment for staff.  With a significant reduction in CO2 fumes, air quality problems will become a thing of the past and employees will appreciate that you're investing in ensuring a healthy and happy workforce.
    5. Reduced carbon footprint - Reduced CO2 emissions with the use of electric forklift trucks with improve your business's overal carbon footprint.  It is becoming increasingly important for businesses to be aware of their environmental impact and consumers often now choose businesses who are seen to be operating in a more 'green' manner.
    Electric forklift truck fleets tend to demonstrate lower operating costs overall as well as being better for employees and the environment.  While diesel and LPG forklift trucks are more suited to certain environments and/or lifting applications, the swtich to electric forklifts where possible is the future for materials handling in 2022.  

    Heyn Forklift Solutions have a wide range of electric forklift trucks ranging from brand new HELI forklifts to used electric forklift trucks from various manufacturers.  We can also offer a fleet of electric forklift trucks for hire in Northern Ireland.  

    To find out more about buying or hiring an  electric forklift truck today please get in touch with our forktruck divison on 028 9074 1000 or via the Contact Form.
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