Considerations for social distancing guidelines in the workplace: Working safely through coronavirus

    Group|Environmental 19/06/2020
    Heyn Handling Solutions has remained open during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic to continue to provide our services to key businesses and contracts that remained in place.  During this time we have took advice ourselves from HSE sources as to the best approach to implementing social distancing guidelines on our sites for our staff and visitors to ensure we are operating as safely as we can. 

    Across our four divisions, we have taken risk assessments to manage the level of risk and to provide some practical guidance to maintain adequate social distancing and working practices with our staff.  This has included staff working from home, staggered working patterns, implementing hand sanitising stations, limiting staffs interaction in communal areas and visual aids for social distancing regulations. 

    During this time our Heyn Environmental team have worked with some of our best suppliers to develop a COVID-19 range of products, the best products to use for social distancing purposes, cleaning and for personal protective equipment.   

    Top Tips for Implementing COVID-19 Changes in the Workplace

    1. Don’t stay limited to only internal areas and forget about external spaces.  Distance markings should be set out externally for communal areas, such as smoking areas and also in each of your entrance areas.  It’s a good idea to have some signage on your doors or in entrance ways reminding visitors and staff of the next to respect the social distancing laws.  We supply a wide range of stencil kits and signage kits that can be used internally but also externally.
    2. Implementing of one way systems and marking out zones or areas for staff should be done using industrial strength floor markings so that they cannot be easily amended or moved.
    3. Identify what, if any, personal protective equipment is required for your staff.  Visors, face masks, gloves, aprons, face shields for hard hats etc provide additional protection where social distancing requirements are not practical.
    4. Cleaning practices should be increased and the implementation of hand sanitising stations, Sanibrush disinfectant mats and Modulean Shadow Boards will help to improve upon existing cleaning regulations.
    5. The use of open framed bins or pedal bins is becoming increasingly popular as a ‘no contact’ method of waste disposal.  These bins require no hand contact to dispose of waste paper towels, recycling or even general waste and therefore carry less risk to users. 

    To speak to one of our team about what you need to get ready for the 'new normal' way of working please don't hesitate to get in touch by phone on +44(0)28 9035 0020 or email
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